Synergist Publishing



Our story begins like any other, a common thought amongst a team of uncommon people. As we stare across the tables at electronic devices rather than faces and wait in lines amongst empty vessels staring downwards at phones, we realize that we need to be part of the solution to fill this world with the human spirit once again. 

There is nothing like a book in your hands, nothing can simulate it. The way the pages feel as your fingers sort through the words, the way a new book smells fresh of ink, the cover pristine and painted with wonder. Have you ever seen a child walk into a library? Do you remember the first time you walked into a book store? This is the sensation that catapults our imagination, creativity and inspiration. We as humans are meant to learn, grow and share. We are Synergist Publishing and we intend to uphold and maintain that sensation through our work.
Synergist Publishing strives for community balance and will donate a portion of it’s book sales, up to $1 million, to children’s charities across the United States. 

“May all of your dreams become reality, and reality become a dream!”



Synergist Publishing LLC. was formed originally in 1996 as the national award winning publisher Partnership Press. As a company we publish original print-only books that revolve around our core values of bringing families together to talk, read, and interact with one another, rather than sitting on the couch and watching TV or looking at screens in silence. The structure and content of our books facilitate the kind of face-to-face interaction and humanity that sometimes falls by the wayside in the face of technology. Synergist Publishing LLC is dedicated to publishing high-quality, original print books for a variety of audiences. Their in-house creative team works collectively with authors to create marketable, unique, and wholesome books to sell to the English-speaking audience, globally. They believe in the power of the written word, family and caring for one another.